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The Australian Jewish Historical Society welcomes members and subscribers. Benefits for subscribers include electronic access to all areas of ajhs.com.au including current and past issues of the biannual Society journal and for members the added benefits of delivery of print editions of the Society’s Journal, special publications and the right to a vote at Annual General Meetings.

Type Users Electronic access to all areas of ajhs.com.au Electronic access to all currend and back issues of AJHS Journal Print edition of AJHS Journal delivered to one address within Australia Print edition of AJHS Journal delivered to one address outside Australia Annual Fee (AU$)
Inidividual One user Y Y 1 copy $60
Family Up to five members of a family or household Y Y 1 copy $90
Individual Benefactor Y Y 1 copy $500
Individual One user Y Y $30
Institution (Local) All users from the institution’s email domain Y Y 1 copy $150
Institution (Overseas) One user Y Y 1 copy $200
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