The Jewish Press of Australia – Steadman 1964

The Australian Jewish Historical Society’s Journal, June 1943, contained an article contributed by the  late Percy J. Marks dealing with the Jewish Press in Australia. In that article, Mr Marks traced the  beginning and the development of Jewish publications in Australia. The original paper on that  subject was read by him before a meeting of the Jewish Literary and Debating Society of Sydney in  1913.

The Jewish Press of Australia – Marks 1943

…tonight to speak of the Jewish Press of Australia. To an outsider, there would seem hardly sufficient scope for an article on this subject, but I think that although I may not be able to do full justice to the paper, my hearers will be convinced that this subject is really one, if not the chief, source, of the annals of Jewry. The future historian will be largely indebted for his facts to the records of the newspapers, and a careful search through the Jewish Press both of England and Australia will give information that is not otherwise obtainable